The Ultimate in Xtra Small Performance Bikes

CarbonXScycles   MAD6 Series II

The MAD6 Series II is now in release. New Carbon frame, 10 speed gear set up. Adjustable air forks. Adjustable rear air shock. Front and rear Shimano XT disk brakes. New Ultra light carbon wheels. Super light all round performance and set up. It grows as your child does.

Weighing in at under 8.0 kg ( with pedals )

(around 17.5 pounds) 

"The lightest dual suspension production mountain bike in the world"

Bicyle Size - adjustable set up

The MAD6 is designed to be adjustable to suit a childs first bike at about 3-4 years old, then carry through till 7-8 years old. All the time not compromising performance. 

Suspension that works.

The MAD6 Series II has suspension and geometry that actually works for lower weight riders. Combined with light weight and tough construction it suits on or off track environments.

Gears and Brakes

No longer do kids have to put up with difficult heavy gears that only last a short time. The MAD6 comes with high spec Shimno or SRAM 9 or 10 speed setups. Hills now become effortless. Brakes have been upgraded to Shimano XT hydraulic disks - reliability, and self adjusting performance for years without service required.

Riding with the kids need not be a chore.

Finally you can take the kids out riding and they can ride at a confident speed and most importantly love it ! Whether it is single track or bike track, give kids what you take for granted in a bicycle.

5 years in development and testing - now released 

Already winning races.

 Pricing now includes delivery in USA, Europe, GB Aus/NZ, Japan, China.