Where can I buy your bikes?

CarbonXScycle bikes are currently only available directly through the website.

How does the frame adjust to suit my child?

The CarbonXS frame has been designed to adjust and change the frame height for a growing rider. The upper mount of the centre shock unit has three mount positions. This adjustment changes the standover height of the frame as well as the geometry angles of the bicycle. Smaller riders get a lower frame with resulting lower headset fork angle.

This makes the bike more stable in a straight line and is generally termed a “relaxed geometry”, but still having sufficient rear suspension travel. As the rider grows the simple mount adjustment in the frame lifts the standover height and tightens up the fork angle. This gives a more agile setup as the rider develops. The centre shock and forks unit can be stiffened as the weight of the rider increases or for differing riding conditions.

Where can I get my Bicycle serviced?

CarbonXScycles can be sericed at any good cycle service center. Gears, Brakes and suspension components are all standard stock components. All the custom made components it took to build your child’s bike, such as the frames -front and rear triangles, bottom brackets, gear hangers and wheels are held in stock at CarbonXS cycles and can be dispatched immediately. Just contact CarbonXScycles if you need to purchase a replacement part.

Can my child demo your bike?

If you live on or are visiting the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland, CarbonXScycles can organise for your child to test out a bike in an off-road environment. There are some awesome MTB tracks nearby, including the Wooroi State Forest. (Of course, the demo bike’s set up won’t be exact for your child, but they will be able to get a good idea of how the bike performs!) Before trialling, you will just need to complete a waiver and provide proof of identity.

Please email to arrange a demo.

How long do I have to wait to get a bike?

As a custom niche MTB manufacturer, it may take approximately 2 to 4 weeks to build your child’s bike, depending on the volume of orders at the time. We may hae bicycles in Stock. If the expected build time is longer than 3 weeks, CarbonXScycles will let you know at the time of ordering.

Does your bike have a weight limit?

Yes. The maximum weight limit for a rider is 35kg / 77lbs. -No adult riders please.

What type of riding is the bike suitable for?

The MAD 6 has been purposely engineered to be extremely light to make it easy for kids to crank up hills and ride over longer distances.

The bike is designed to be ridden on rough cross-country trails, over small obstacles (for example, roots, rocks, and muddy sections) and smooth technical areas. The terrain can vary from easy to reasonably challenging.

With it’s ultra-light weight, the MAD 6 is also perfect for family rides when your youngest child usually complains about getting tired and has difficulty keeping up with the rest of the family. Finally, they can join in the fun!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes. The price of the bicycle includes delivery to major markets in the world by express courier.

Have a question, not answered?

Simple, just send CarbonXScycles an email at mail@carbonXScycles.com

Lets smaller riders mix it up with the big kids on the trails.

The ultimate dream ride for young riders.

The coolest looking bike on the block or local tracks.