lightweight bikes for kids

Specifications MAD6 Series II

The lightest, 20 inch, dual suspension, cross-country MTB for kids that makes no compromises on technology, components or performance. Suitable for 4-8 year olds.

Sub 8kg / 17.5 lbs (with pedals) – build dependant
3K carbon Front and rear triangle – internally routed cables.
Spinner Grind Air 20” with lock out.
1×10 Shimano ZEE
Shimano XT BR/L M8000
Carbon CXC Rims

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Key Features

  • Ultra-light weight (sub 8kg – complete build).
  • High performance bike designed specifically for
    4 to 7 year olds.
  • Frame is 20” wheel specific.
  • Full carbon/titanium/alloy construction.
  • Full carbon wheel set (990g weight).

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Impossibly light, the Mad 6 lets little kids crank up hills, once impossible, and ride longer, more technically advanced single tracks. Now they can keep up with the bigger kids or the rest of the family, instead of being left behind.The dual suspension, rather than tokenism, works seemlessly– specifically engineered and tuned for pint sized riders weighing less than 50kg.

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The design and build philosophy behind the “MAD 6” is “build for purpose”, rather than a downsizing of an adult bicycle to suit a child and then pay the penalty in weight and performance. “Putting 15psi in a Rock Shox SID® does not convert it to a suitable fork for kids”. Bicycle weight kills performance, we know that as adults, so this has been a key design feature.

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